After Hours Emergency Hotline Answering Service.

emergency hotline answering service

  • > Dedicated 24/7/365 Emergency number
  • > Calls your predetermine emergency personal with the emergency.
  • > Automatic recalls until the call is excepted by your personal (up to 10 times)
  • > Text and Email conformation of call status
  • > Low monthly cost
  • > Stand alone service - NO other PBX services required

Blackbuck Communications can provide your business with a 24-hour, dedicated emergency service phone number to give your customers.

When your customer calls your dedicated emergency number, (or your phone system fowards the call to the number) they are greeted by your customized messagage and asked to leave a voicemail in your acount mailbox. When a new message is received in your account mailbox, your predetermined list of emergency responders will be called until someone accepts responsibility for the message. If nobody answers or accepts the responsibility for the call, you can choose to have the service call your list of recipients again and again; up to 10 times. This guarantees that someone from your business will receive that message and help your customer in need. The system will then text and email the emergency call status to your emergecny responder list showing who took the call.

No more missed emergency calls for your business, and no more stress about someone covering calls. 

Help your company attain a new level of availability and customer service by using our Emergency Hotline Service!

This service is available to ANY BUSINESS, not just those who have phone service with us.


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